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Hedo II Travel Information

General Overview

Hedonism II is located in Negril Jamaica, approximately 90 minutes from Montego Bay.   Flight time from Los Angeles to Montego Bay is approximately 5 1/2 hours.

What to pack
See the packing list on this website for a general list of what to pack for Hedonism II.

How to get to the resort
Resort guests fly from the U.S. into Montego Bay (Donald Sangster International Airport - abbreviation (MBJ)). SuperClubs has a check in desk at the airport where they will confirm your reservation and tell you which shuttle bus to board. The shuttle bus will take you directly to the resort, but may stop half way for refreshments. Ganga may be offered to you at this stop. If it's something you want to try, it's safer to buy it at the resort.  (See the FAQ section of this website for more information)
If you want to avoid the 90 minute drive, you can take a 15 minute charter flight to the Negril airport. Rates are approximately $60 U.S. each way. Tim Air is a reputable charter flight company. It's best to make your charter flight reservations ahead of time.

Tipping for baggage handlers is customary expected ($1 per bag), and shuttle bus driver $5 to $10 depending on how you found the driver's service.