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Hedo II Faq
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Hedo II Frequently Asked Questions

General Overview

What, Where:

Hedonism II is an all-inclusive resort owned by SuperClubs International and located in Negril Jamaica approximately 90 minutes from Montego Bay.   Flight time from Los Angeles to Montego Bay is approximately 5 1/2 hours.

We're going down to the Caribbean to enjoy a week long party in the sun and sand.   The better question is, Why NOT?

What does "All-Inclusive" mean?
Hedonism II is an All-Inclusive resort, meaning you pay one price for your vacation, upfront, which covers your room, food, drinks, entertainment, water sports, airport transfers, etc. Tips are also included and tipping is not allowed at the resort. Any items at the gift shop, taxi fare, day trips, of course are not included. You will need to bring some cash, but it will not be needed at the resort except for personal expenses.

What is the Atmosphere like?
Basically the same as atmospheric pressure as any sea level resort... Oh, you're not talking about the weather....  Let's see... Hedonism II (Hedo II) is an adults only playground where you can play to your hearts content. The atmosphere is very alive, with activities going on all day long and parties all night long. The activities of course are all optional, and quiet time on the beach is only a few steps from your room whenever you need it. A friendly note:  If you are easily offended by adult humor, sexual references, or occasional nudity, this resort is most likely not a good choice for you.

What is the crowd like?
You will find people from all occupations - from doctors and lawyers, to musicians and artists, to secretaries and truck drivers. Generally, at least half are couples. Most guests are from the United States, but a large Canadian contingent is always there as well as some Europeans and South Americans. The single men tend to outnumber the single women by 2 to 1.  Attitude is the key to having fun at Hedo.  People of all ages, wealth and backgrounds mix together to make for a really fun week.

How do I dress?
Shorts go on one leg at a time, dresses over the head...  Best to master those skills before getting on the plane...  Now, as far as WHAT to wear... Casual Tropical summer wear is the style. Hedo is very casual - so there's no need to overpack. Some people do Hedo for a week with just carry on luggage. Laundry services are available for a small charge, if needed.  At breakfast and lunch in the dining area, men and women dress in shorts and T-shirts, swimsuits, and cover-ups or pareos.
At dinner, people dress a bit nicer, in "resort casual" style, though shorts and T-shirts can still be found. The Italian restaurant "Pastafari" allows shorts but requests they be tailored shorts, the other restaurants and beach grills are casual. Jackets are not required at any of the restaurants.  Sandals are always okay, except for Pastafari where shoes are required. Shoes are wise in all restaurants because glass does break - especially when people have been drinking.

What to Pack
See the packing list on this website for a general list of what to pack for Hedo II.

What do I need for the Toga party?
Your body and something resembling a toga to cover it, or partially cover it, or minimally cover it....  Your maid will supply the white, twin-size sheet, and you get to rip it up to make a creative toga out of it. Bring accessories, if you want, such as a belt, safety pins, gaudy jewelry, or headpieces. Toga night starts with dinner "No sheet, no eat", and goes through the night. You must wear a toga to gain entrance to the disco.  Nothing is too traditional, wild, outlandish, sexy, or revealing for Toga night, so express yourself and have fun with it!  Feel free to bring your own Toga.  Try fabric stores for material that's less expensive than sheets.  I'll add some toga examples to this site at a later date.

How about the Pyjama (Jamaican spelling) party?
PJ night can get pretty wild. Anything goes as far as dress, from full flannels with slippers to the most daring lingerie, or less. Same as toga night, you must be in costume to get into the disco.  The dance floor can get sticky from spilled drinks, so I recommend wearing something on your feet when you're in the disco.

Where do we eat?
The resort has 4 restaurants (Munasan(Japanese), Pastafari(Italian), Scotch Bonnet(Jamaican), and the Terrace Room (daily/nightly buffet), plus 2 beach grills.

What's the weather like in Jamaica?
The weather is nice year round in Jamaica, with highs in the mid/upper 80's and lows in the low/mid 70's.  Hurricane Season is technically June through October/Early November, but most Hurricanes happen in September/October.  Humidity is higher in the summer/fall months.

Jamaica Average Weather Information

Month Average high Average low Warmest ever Coldest ever Average precipitation
JAN. 86 74 91 66 1.2
FEB. 85 74 91 66 0.9
MARCH 86 75 92 66 0.9
APRIL 87 76 93 66 1.5
MAY 88 78 94 68 4.1
JUNE 90 79 95 70 3.8
JULY 90 79 97 70 1.8
AUG. 90 79 97 73 4.2
SEP. 89 79 95 68 5.0
OCT. 89 78 97 70 6.8
NOV. 87 77 95 72 3.8
DEC. 87 75 95 64 1.6

Is Ganga (marijuana) is legal in Jamaica?
NO! However, it is available around the resort if you wish to partake. Do not under any circumstances use or posess an illegal substance outside the resort! Fines and jail time are extremely severe.

Jamaica is not in the United States, what legal documents do I need?
Required documentation or you will be left behind at the airport...   Got your attention?  Good, it's sad to see someone left behind because they didn't bring proper documenation.   A certified copy of a birth certificate or a current passport is acceptable proof of citizenship for US and Canadian citizens. All others must have passports. Please check with your travel agent for any other necessary visa or documentation requirements.
A passport makes travel easier.  You can download an application and instructions for applying, at the U.S. State Department web site.  You can also go to your local post office to apply. Be sure to apply for your passport 2-3 months in advance of the trip to allow for any delays.

Ok, now that we have the basics covered, let's cover the biggest concern of Hedo first timers (virgins) :-)

Nekkidness! - Oh no, the "N" word 

Ok, I'm being "Wicked For A Week" Can I just rip off my clothes?
In certain designated areas of the resort, yes you can do just that.  The resort is split between what are affectionately called "Prude" or "Textile" side (clothed), and the "Nude" or "Au Naturel" side. Nudity is allowed within the walking area of the nude-side rooms and at the nude beach and nude pool complex, which is well under a third of the total Hedo campus.  If you want to try it, go for it.  If not, simply stay in the main 2/3 of the resort.  Topless is permitted, but not overly common (except for the men - there's that double standard again), on the prude beach and at the prude swimming pool and hot tub. The "dress code" in the disco for the nightly theme parties is simply that a costume is required (on most nights). How much, or little, that costume covers is up to you. After midnight, the clothing rules unofficially loosen as do inhibitions, (Read: The nude side hot tub after midnight ain't Disneyland).   Remember, Hedo is a place where you can leave any inhibitions behind, so enjoy.

I'm nervous about trying the Au Naturel side. Whats it like?
They say the second hardest thing about the nude beach at Hedo is taking your clothes off the first time. The hardest thing is putting them back on. This is the honest truth for most people. You may fret over it before the trip, (wonder if you can do it, convince yourself that you can't, convince yourself that you can), but if you want to try it, just do it, and within a few minutes you'll smile and wonder what the big deal was in the first place. Not a 10?  Most people aren't, and the people on this side are no different. Don't worry about how your body looks and enjoy yourself. You'll find the people to be very friendly.
There is a transition area on the beach if you want to try it, but prefer easing into the experience.  
Note: Nekkidness is enforced on the nude side to keep gawkers away...

Enough already with the naked talk!!!

This all sounds great!  What's it going to cost?
Ah, the bottom line...
Rates depend on several factors:
- How large the group is 
- Type of room (Prude-side Gardenview, Prude-sideOceanview,  Nude-side Gardenview, or Nude-side Oceanview)
- What month we go.
- Airfare.
Approximate rates for 7 nights:
    Room: Prude side - around $1,200,  Nude side $1,300-$1,400.  Rates are per person based on double occupancy,
    excluding air.
    You can book a room for single occupancy, but will have to pay a 50% premium.       
    Airfare - Historically around $550 round trip per person from LAX..

I'm in!  How do I get on the list?
Go to the Group Ideas section of this website and send an e-mail with your name(s) and any ideas you have about how to make the week more fun. We'll put your name and ideas on the list!   Interested, but can't commit yet?  Join us anyway and become part of the planning.

How is the resort laid out?  Where are the rooms?
See maps below.

                                                                               Hedonism II Resort Map

                                                                           Hedonism II Prude Side Room Map

                                                                              Hedonism II Nude Side Room Map